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Cool Sculpting

What is Cool Sculpting?

Cool sculpting also known as fat freeze is a non-invasive procedure that employs the use of a controlled device to destroy and freeze fat. The procedure differs from our smartlipo miami technique.

Using Coolsculpting, the fatty areas of the body are gently pinched using the cool sculpting applicator that in turn cools the area to a low temperature causing the fat cell to die and crystallize. The cool sculpting procedure is not recommended for massive weight loss but only for targeting problem areas such as stomach rolls, arm fat, and love handles.

How Cool Sculpting Works

The whole procedure of cool sculpting all boils down to science. At higher temperatures than that of the surrounding tissues, fat cells are known to freeze. The technology used in cool sculpting helps in specifically targeting the fat cells below the skin then exposing them to temperatures that automatically triggers their death. The process is referred to as cryolipolysis that results in the freezing of the targeted fat cells. Since the fat cells crystallize much faster compared to normal cells, no damage is caused to the nerves, cells or the surrounding tissues. Over time as the crystallized fat cells shrink and die, the body metabolizes them naturally and eliminates the dead cells leaving the targeted areas more sculpted. Unlike with exercise or diet where reductions in the size of fat cells occur with cool sculpting the crystallized fat cells go for good.

With every session of cool sculpting procedure you undergo, you will lose about 20% of the targeted areas fat cells. With every consecutive procedure you get to improve the results by getting rid of an equal percentage of fat like in the first session. With cool sculpting sessions, you can sit back and get rid of stubborn body fat without much hassle.

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

After each session of cool sculpting, the targeted areas will gradually be more toned and smoother. Majority of the frozen cells naturally leave the body over the first two months but you are certain to see results within four weeks. The procedure is not only convenient but comfortable as well. Each cool sculpting session lasts only 60 minutes which is time you will not regret. Most people who have undergone the procedure say they experience a burst of cold air that is then followed by dull pressure. Some people work, sleep or read during their sessions. The cool sculpting technology is the only one of its kind that is cleared by the FDA; it is safe to the body but remains tough on stubborn body fat.

Implants Versus Dentures - Which One Is Best For You?

When you are int he market to replace your teeth, there are basically two options that come up more than all the rest. They are dental implants and dentures. These two solutions couldn't be any more different in comfort, how much they cost, and how long they can last before they need to be replaced. In this article we try to show you the difference between implants, and dentures; with the hope that you have information with which to make an educated decision.


This oral prosthetic is constructed through an impression of the inside of your mouth. With this impression, the lab technician is able to construct a set of dentures, using an acrylic resin customized to your mouth.

Time to Heal - If you are getting dentures it's probably because you already lost your teeth, so there is little, to no, healing required. The only requirement needed is the time to adjust the dentures properly for a proper fit. Duration - In some cases, dentures last ten years, or more, but in most cases, dentures need to be replaced with a new model that fits better to the mouth you have today; as opposed to the mouth those old dentures were introduced many years ago. Cost - Dentures can cost as much as $3,000 for a full set, or even more, depending on which dentist you get them from.


Implants are metal posts, usually made of bio-compatible titanium, that fuses with the jaw bone over the course of several months, and becomes the base for the replacement tooth. Once healing has taken place, the implant specialist follows up with the abutment, which is the piece that connects the implant with the crown; before completing the procedure by crowning the the implant with a porcelain tooth replacement.

Healing time- The implants part of the procedure can take anywhere from five, to as many as nine months before the body has accepted the metal into the environment. Duration- Implants are being made better with every year that passes, dentists no longer know how long they can last. Some dentists feel implants are being made to last throughout a patient's lifetime. Cost- Implants range from $1,500 to as much as $8,000 per tooth. Where you decide to have your implants done is going to be the major contributing factor to how much they end up costing.

If implants sound like the right choice for you, and you live relatively close to the city of Pittsburgh, make sure to contact the Tooth Implant Pros of Pittsburgh for more information on the services, and packages, they have available for all new patients. Search online using, "affordable dental implants in pittsburgh pa," and make sure to ask for their complimentary oral examination.

Reasons To Get Abdominoplasty And After-surgery Care

Some of the reasons why people opt for abdominoplasty in Houston, Texas include genetics, aging, pregnancy and abrupt weight loss.


Some people become fat and have loose skin because of improper diet and lack of exercise. However, other people have it hard because the shape of their body is determined by their genetics. They tend to accumulate fat and store it in their abdominal areas, causing them to become round despite exercise and good nutrition. cosmetic surgery will help them deal with this condition.


As people grow old, the skin will naturally lose its suppleness. The muscles in the body will also become slack and weak. That is the reason why most adults have flabby and sagging skin in their abdomen. An abdominoplasty will help streamline the muscles and skin in that particular area and make a person look younger and feel healthier.


Pregnancy stretches a womans skin in the abdomen and separates her muscles in that area. In most cases, exercise and good nutrition can help tighten these slackened muscles after giving birth. However, with multiple pregnancies or a C-section may cause poor elasticity. Most mothers opt for abdominoplasty in order to tone back their muscles and restore their figure.

4.Abrupt Weight Loss

People who have gone on a diet and have lost a great amount of weight may develop loose skin and overstretched muscles in the arms, thighs and especially in the abdominal area. The sagging skin is quite unsightly and may cause a person who has lost weight for health reasons to become discouraged and return to his old lifestyle.

Abdominoplasty will help him tone and contour his body as the surgery will lift the skin and remove excess tissues in the abdomen. Additionally, he can have procedures one to lift his butt, thigh, and arm to achieve a good figure that will match his weight loss.

Despite his reasons for undergoing the operation, a person who has undergone abdominoplasty in Houston, Texas needs to take care of himself. He may not be able to walk immediately after the operation but he can do his everyday activities in no time. Here are some ways that he can improve his general well-being and be up and about after surgery.

-Take as much rest as possible. If he can avoid movement for the first few days, the wound will heal faster. -Tend to the wound regularly and meticulously. Change the bandages and dressings as required by the doctor to avoid infection. -The doctor may require the patient to wear compression stockings for a week or two after the surgery. -Avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting and exercise for at least a month after the operation. -If severe pain or bleeding occurs, call the doctor immediately.

While the results of abdominoplasty may be permanent, it does not mean that a person will not gain weight again. Doctors or surgeons of abdominoplasty in Houston, Texas may advise the following alternatives: maintaining a low-fat diet, regular exercise and wearing compression garments on occasion. The patient should also heed the advice if he wants to enjoy the benefits of his surgery.

Increased Popularity of Breast Lift Surgery

For decades now, women who have been considering breast surgery have had hopes of getting bigger breasts. Whether they were looking for bigger or smaller breasts, there have always been several options available to women. For years, women have wanted bigger and rounder breasts and now they are becoming more inclined towards altitude rather than simply volume. As per the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the last 16 years have seen a rise of almost 600% in breast lift procedures. The cosmetic surgery industry has acknowledged this shift in interest and unlimited breast lift options are now available with plastic surgeons across the globe. The latest trend now for breast surgery is not simply about adding what you do not have, but more focused on fixing what women have lost over the years. A number of cosmetic surgeons in Washington DC claim that women walk into their offices wanting their old breasts again.

For most women, when they notice their breasts sagging is when they first begin to consider a breast lift. Sagging of the breasts could be due to any reason including a considerable weight loss, breast feeding, pregnancy and also aging. Since the breasts consist mainly of fat, any change like this affects the tissue, fat and elasticity of the skin on your breasts.

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is a procedure that is aimed at reversing this procedure that led to sagging of your breasts. During the process, the excessive skin is removed, the remaining tissue and fat is redistributed and the projection of the breast enhanced. This gives women a youthful and perkier look. Mostly, during a breast lift procedure, an incision is made around the areolar region and another one runs along the bottom of each breast making an incision that looks like an anchor. Even though this scar is big, it fades with time and is not that noticeable.

Most Washington DC women opt for combination procedures, combining their breast lift with either reduction or augmentation procedures. One study suggests that most women who undergo breast lift lose a cup size during the procedure. This is one reason why most like to opt for breast implants as well giving them just the look they desired.

Now that the procedure has been helping women for years around the globe, Dr. Kay a plastic surgeon in Washington DC has perfected the art of giving women the results they want. This is why the number of DC women opting for a breast lift has increased in the last few years. Surgeons predict that this number will continue to rise in the coming years as well.

Is a Tummy Tuck your Solution to a Flat Stomach?

Do you have a huge tummy that is making you uncomfortable, consider getting a tummy tuck surgery from the reputable plastic surgeon.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?
This is an abdominal surgery that eliminates the flabs and bulges around the tummy area, and it also tightens the muscles giving you an overall improved look.

When do you need a Tummy Tuck?
If your abdomen is loose and sagging thanks to an accumulation of fat, and you feel uncomfortable about it, then you need a tummy tuck. The advantage of having a tummy tuck done is that your whole appearance will look better, and you can wear anything without having to go to great lengths to conceal the tummy.

What causes Loose or Sagging Tummies?
People have protruding tummies for various reasons, and they are:-

Post Pregnancy
Weight Fluctuations
Prior Surgery

Conditions For Having A Tummy Tuck
The surgery is right and safe for you if you are:-
In Good health
Have a stable Weight
Are a non-smoker
And have a protruding tummy

Candidates not suitable for tummy tuck procedure
Women who still plan to become pregnant should not undertake this procedure. This is because tummy tuck tightens up the skin and abdomen muscles. If such a woman becomes pregnant, the muscle may separate creating further complications.

Also, individuals who are planning to lose weight should not undertake abdominoplasty as an alternative way of shedding the excess fat. This is because tummy tuck removes fat from the abdomen and not from other body tissues.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure
The procedure can be done using general anesthesia. A horizontal incision is done along the bikini line from one hip to the other. The skin is then gently separated from the abdominal wall. The muscle and soft tissue are first tightened, and then the flap is closed, and removal of excess fat and skin is done. The incision is then closed using sutures. A partial tummy tuck is then used to remove the excess fat near the navel. The complete tummy tuck procedure takes about 2 to 5 hours.

The Recovery Process
After the surgery, the surgeon will prescribe antibiotics to keep infection at bay. Patients would experience swelling and numbness something that is normal and subsides after a few weeks. Stitches are normally removed after 5 to 7 days, and a support garment is used as a dressing replacement. Exercise is advised after the first recovery phase to enable the toning of the muscles. The scar normally fades within six to nine months.

A tummy tuck is the best solution for individuals who need to lose the accumulated fat around the stomach area.