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Today Is The Day

Make the decision today to lose the fat, maintain a healthy weight and change your life, forever!

Is this year finally the time you are going to say enough Is enough?

I am ready to start on a path to a healthier me! I am NOT going to make any more excuses! And I am going to make a change by shedding some of these extra pounds, no matter what!!!

If it is, then get ready to drop the fat and change your life!

In this day and age it is easy to be tempted by promises of rapid weight loss that are given by certain weight loss programs, or offered as a result of magic diet pills or other miracle weight loss diets. But honestly, it is a total load of BS - please excuse my French.

You see, there are a few basic truths you should know before you decide on how you will proceed.

First, realize that there is NO miracle weight loss treatment.

While it is possible to lose significant weight by adhering to a highly restrictive or other popular fad diet, in reality the biggest problem with that is the harm to your body, in essence they deprive your body of essential nutrients.

These diets can leave you with brittle bones, low immunity and overall health that leaves your body in worse shape than when you started! More importantly though, is the problem that if you do not make any changes to your lifestyle, the moment you stop depriving yourself on this crash diet, you are highly likely to return to your previous eating and exercise habits - which leads to the dreaded Yo-Yo phenomenon.

Studies have shown that the majority of people who are overweight and crash diet, regain the weight lost almost instantly and are in a much worse state of health than those who remained at their original overweight size.

Which leads to the question, how can I lose weight? And how can I make a difference in me and my families life?

The plain answer is, there is no miracle, only tried and tested nutritional and exercise advice.

My goal is to assist the multitude of everyday people who desperately want to make a change in their own and their familys life now. The people that have made that final decision to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Trust me, you will get a great sense of accomplishment when you learn to control how you look and feel.


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