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Should You Run Inside Or Outside?

For years health professionals, treadmill manufacturers, runners, gym owners and all round fitness fanatics have been arguing on whether running inside or outside is better for you. Naturally outdoor running has many benefits that running on a treadmill has not. Fresh air, visual treats for the senses, spontaneity and such. Or has it? What about smog, congestion, dangerous drivers, potholes and adverse weather conditions?

How do you recreate the outdoors on a treadmill? Well you can make use of the incline most treadmills have these days. That should simulate the feel of running up and down hills. Apart from gradients though runs on treadmills have a few more benefits than running outside. For one you dont need to dress up like you are a s.w.a.t. team professional just to prepare against the elements.

Do the laces up on your sneakers, grab a drink and hit the deck. Heck you can even do it in your underwear!

Dont Be limited To Your Geographic Location

There are no boundaries on a treadmill. There are no obstacles, road works or one way streets, or angry pedestrians to block your path. When you want to do a 6 mile run, you run 6 miles. Nothing can stop you except fatigue, or maybe a power cut! You can even choose one of the presets and perform a target heart rate or fat burning workout. You can also mix it up each workout so you dont get bored by doing the same old routine.

Set The Tempo

One of the handy things you can do if you are training for a race or want to work on your long distance running speed, is set the speed and the mileage on the treadmill and stick to it. You can also set a distance and work on your time as well. Technically you can do this outside, but the treadmill makes this super easy.

You cant always stick to your desired speed when in the outdoors, as you can get tired. Another beneficial virtue of running on a treadmill is that it enables you to the set speed, and you must stick to it, or you will come off. The belt wont slow down unless you hit the stop or lower its speed with the controls.

Location Location Location

Yes running outside has a lot going for it. You get to take in the view, smell the flowers breathe the fresh morning air. But that depends where you live and what the weather is like. If the weather is unpredictable then consistency goes out the window. A killer in any successful running or cardio program.

The treadmill nullifies all these threats from dehydration in the mid-afternoon to hyperthermia in the rain or winter seasons. You control the climate. Heck good treadmills even have fans, and if it gets too hot you can rehydrate some more or open the windows. Plus you wont risk falling after trekking over wet or unstable surfaces due to adverse weather or sudden downpours.

Treadmills Are Better For Your Body

Treadmills like Weslos G 5.9 have great cushioning on them that makes them better for running on than doing it outside. See further analysis on its cushioning and features here: This means there will be less wear and tear on your joints and you will have less aches and pains the next day. This means you can get back to training without any niggling pains in a day or 2.

Treadmill belts are smoother than blacktop or grassy surfaces. If you are slowly getting back into shape they provide a gentle platform to ensure you dont get injured. The role of a treadmill is not to complete against outdoor running, but it sure has a lot of benefits that you cant get from running outdoors.


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