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Reasons To Get Abdominoplasty And After-surgery Care

Some of the reasons why people opt for abdominoplasty in Houston, Texas include genetics, aging, pregnancy and abrupt weight loss.


Some people become fat and have loose skin because of improper diet and lack of exercise. However, other people have it hard because the shape of their body is determined by their genetics. They tend to accumulate fat and store it in their abdominal areas, causing them to become round despite exercise and good nutrition. cosmetic surgery will help them deal with this condition.


As people grow old, the skin will naturally lose its suppleness. The muscles in the body will also become slack and weak. That is the reason why most adults have flabby and sagging skin in their abdomen. An abdominoplasty will help streamline the muscles and skin in that particular area and make a person look younger and feel healthier.


Pregnancy stretches a womans skin in the abdomen and separates her muscles in that area. In most cases, exercise and good nutrition can help tighten these slackened muscles after giving birth. However, with multiple pregnancies or a C-section may cause poor elasticity. Most mothers opt for abdominoplasty in order to tone back their muscles and restore their figure.

4.Abrupt Weight Loss

People who have gone on a diet and have lost a great amount of weight may develop loose skin and overstretched muscles in the arms, thighs and especially in the abdominal area. The sagging skin is quite unsightly and may cause a person who has lost weight for health reasons to become discouraged and return to his old lifestyle.

Abdominoplasty will help him tone and contour his body as the surgery will lift the skin and remove excess tissues in the abdomen. Additionally, he can have procedures one to lift his butt, thigh, and arm to achieve a good figure that will match his weight loss.

Despite his reasons for undergoing the operation, a person who has undergone abdominoplasty in Houston, Texas needs to take care of himself. He may not be able to walk immediately after the operation but he can do his everyday activities in no time. Here are some ways that he can improve his general well-being and be up and about after surgery.

-Take as much rest as possible. If he can avoid movement for the first few days, the wound will heal faster. -Tend to the wound regularly and meticulously. Change the bandages and dressings as required by the doctor to avoid infection. -The doctor may require the patient to wear compression stockings for a week or two after the surgery. -Avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting and exercise for at least a month after the operation. -If severe pain or bleeding occurs, call the doctor immediately.

While the results of abdominoplasty may be permanent, it does not mean that a person will not gain weight again. Doctors or surgeons of abdominoplasty in Houston, Texas may advise the following alternatives: maintaining a low-fat diet, regular exercise and wearing compression garments on occasion. The patient should also heed the advice if he wants to enjoy the benefits of his surgery.


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