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Mickey Rourke:ripped And Shredded

The Wrestler 80s hell raiser has proven to be a comeback kid when he starred in the semi-autobiographical film The Wrestler. His portrayal of the past his prime wrestler was almost reminiscent to his film career in Hollywood. One good thing that came out of it though was Mickey showed everyone that no matter how old you are, you can still be in pretty good shape if you want to. Rourke had all but disappeared from public view after so many scandals piling up on him and when he finally decided to resurface in 2008 all buffed out and huge.

Before we look into Mickey Rourkes workout routine, just remember that he is now nearing the 60-year old mark but he trains just as hard as a man half his age. That in itself is an amazing feat! Mickey engages in one of the most brutal workout routines just so he can achieve and maintain his current physique. He starts out with a cardio exercise that would put younger men to shame at around 30 minutes to an hour of long distance runs or sprints. Then he moves on core muscle training often doing a huge number of abdominal crunches. A minimum of 300 to a maximum of 500 crunches and sit-ups is often involved.

And then comes weight training. Free weights are the order of the day targeting his impressive arms and shoulders. Deadlifts also give him that power lifter physique. To ensure a well-balanced body form, he also does leg presses. Most of his training regimen during weight training involves high sets with low reps to encourage massive muscle growth.

Mickey Rourkes trainers alternate his workout routine every week so he can also have his fair share of strength training exercises. These include flipping massive tires (youll find this as a normal routine most MMA fighters engage in) and weighted squats. These two engage both the upper body and lower body form in various ways, encouraging huge muscle growth and enhanced strength.

To complete his strength training regimen, full body dumbbell training and step-ups are employed to engage the secondary and tertiary muscles involved in the workout. Since Mickey Rourke has already advanced in age, it is only normal that his metabolism has slowed down a bit. This means he sticks to a strict diet of low-fat foods and high protein content. All of these have resulted into a Mickey Rourke that continues to inspire people that no matter how old you are, you can still get ripped and shredded.


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