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Is a Tummy Tuck your Solution to a Flat Stomach?

Do you have a huge tummy that is making you uncomfortable, consider getting a tummy tuck surgery from the reputable plastic surgeon.

What Is A Tummy Tuck?
This is an abdominal surgery that eliminates the flabs and bulges around the tummy area, and it also tightens the muscles giving you an overall improved look.

When do you need a Tummy Tuck?
If your abdomen is loose and sagging thanks to an accumulation of fat, and you feel uncomfortable about it, then you need a tummy tuck. The advantage of having a tummy tuck done is that your whole appearance will look better, and you can wear anything without having to go to great lengths to conceal the tummy.

What causes Loose or Sagging Tummies?
People have protruding tummies for various reasons, and they are:-

Post Pregnancy
Weight Fluctuations
Prior Surgery

Conditions For Having A Tummy Tuck
The surgery is right and safe for you if you are:-
In Good health
Have a stable Weight
Are a non-smoker
And have a protruding tummy

Candidates not suitable for tummy tuck procedure
Women who still plan to become pregnant should not undertake this procedure. This is because tummy tuck tightens up the skin and abdomen muscles. If such a woman becomes pregnant, the muscle may separate creating further complications.

Also, individuals who are planning to lose weight should not undertake abdominoplasty as an alternative way of shedding the excess fat. This is because tummy tuck removes fat from the abdomen and not from other body tissues.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure
The procedure can be done using general anesthesia. A horizontal incision is done along the bikini line from one hip to the other. The skin is then gently separated from the abdominal wall. The muscle and soft tissue are first tightened, and then the flap is closed, and removal of excess fat and skin is done. The incision is then closed using sutures. A partial tummy tuck is then used to remove the excess fat near the navel. The complete tummy tuck procedure takes about 2 to 5 hours.

The Recovery Process
After the surgery, the surgeon will prescribe antibiotics to keep infection at bay. Patients would experience swelling and numbness something that is normal and subsides after a few weeks. Stitches are normally removed after 5 to 7 days, and a support garment is used as a dressing replacement. Exercise is advised after the first recovery phase to enable the toning of the muscles. The scar normally fades within six to nine months.

A tummy tuck is the best solution for individuals who need to lose the accumulated fat around the stomach area.


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