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How To Incorporate Exercise Into Your Day

We all now that we should exercise. Whether the motivation is weight loss, improved health or increasing longevity, it is clear that exercise is necessary. In fact, in a large scale study, scientists analyzed over half a million peopleâs exercise habits and their health. The findings were that the optimal amount of exercise is 450 hours per week of moderate exercise. People who did exercise 450 hours per week - which averages out to 1 hour per day - were 39% less likely to die prematurely.

There are several reason people routinely give for not exercising. Common ones are being too tired, not knowing how to exercise, feeling intimidated by fit people at the gym and not having enough time. The number one excuse people give for not exercising is lack of time. In our busy lives of work, family and other commitments, finding the time to exercise an hour a day may seem like an impossible feat. The good news is that you do not have to do this all at once. The same health benefits are derived from shorter periods of exercise. A more realistic plan would be to build activity into your day.

Here is a sample day that incorporates an hour of moderate activity:

Morning - Jump rope, jog in place or do push-ups and sit ups upon waking. - 10 minutes While standing in front of the mirror getting ready do leg lifts and squats. (I know a woman who does 50 side leg lifts and 50 squats each morning while blow drying her hair) - 5 minutes Upon arriving at work, allow an extra 5 minutes to walk the stairs or briskly walk around the parking lot. -5 minutes Lunch time- walk stairs or outside - 15 minutes After work walk the stairs or walk outside briskly before going to your car - 10 minutes After dinner take a brisk walk or jump rope - 5 minutes

As you can see from this sample day, you donât have to dedicate a solid hour at a time to exercise. It just takes keeping a mindset of being active to work this into your day.

For the excuse of not knowing how to exercise, there are many possible solutions. Videos, exercise classes and personal trainers are all ways to learn how to exercise. Also asking friends for instruction can also work. If a person really wants to learn, there are ways.

The last excuse for not exercising is feeling intimidated by fit people. Even though there are people at all fitness levels at gyms, many times a person who is not active will feel self conscious. A good first step is to begin working out at home. This allows for privacy and the ability to focus on the exercise rather than how others look.

Working out at home can be as simple as popping in an exercise video or using a rowing machine for a full body workout. It is advisable that if you are going to buy one, try to get the best rowing machine you can afford. This will ensure that it lasts a long time and allow the exercise habit to become ingrained.

Follow these suggestions to eliminate the common excuses for not exercising. By making a lifestyle of being active and you can easily achieve your fitness goals.


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