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Exercise Intensity And Its Importance To Training

A lot of people who are keen on body building find the thought of exercise intensity to be highly ideal for a more effective result. Unfortunately, not all people are able to understand the true meaning behind it. This should provide you a deeper understanding about what exercise intensity really is.

One would be able to measure the intensity of the training exercise by the number of times each movement is being repeated. In addition, it is also measured by level of resistance that you are exerting at a particular time in your weight training exercise. Exercise intensity varies as will be explained further hereon.

Low Intensity exercise The low intensity is considered to be the safest intensity that should be suitable for different ages given a possibly varying health conditions. While it is just considered a low intensity exercise, it is still considered to be effective. It usually involves weights that are very light. However, you may be able to increase the repetition and the set of your workout routine quite easily since the weights are not too strained on your part.

Moderate Intensity exercise The moderate intensity is also recommended for those who are considered to be average fitness enthusiasts. In addition, body builders may also benefit from this kind of exercise especially those who are just beginning in the area of body building. This will help increase the strength in your muscles and at the same time, it improves endurance while lowering risk injuries.

High Intensity exercise This is considered to be the very frontier for serious and expert body builders. If you are a well trained body builder, you may also fall under this category. The high intensity exercise would include an average range of 6-12 repetitions in weights. The reason why this is so is you may opt to do a low repetition regimen especially if you are using a heavier weight.

In most cases, the average person who would just want to have a fitter body may choose the moderate intensity. When you do this, you may do an 8-12 repetition cycle for your training frequency. This will challenge your muscle to be more adaptive to a more complicated and rigorous training exercise.

You can also choose to increase more weight or resistance in your training tool. That way, it may turn out to be more challenging and non monotonous. That will allow you to stay more focused in your exercise regimen.


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