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Cool Sculpting

What is Cool Sculpting?

Cool sculpting also known as fat freeze is a non-invasive procedure that employs the use of a controlled device to destroy and freeze fat. The procedure differs from our smartlipo miami technique.

Using Coolsculpting, the fatty areas of the body are gently pinched using the cool sculpting applicator that in turn cools the area to a low temperature causing the fat cell to die and crystallize. The cool sculpting procedure is not recommended for massive weight loss but only for targeting problem areas such as stomach rolls, arm fat, and love handles.

How Cool Sculpting Works

The whole procedure of cool sculpting all boils down to science. At higher temperatures than that of the surrounding tissues, fat cells are known to freeze. The technology used in cool sculpting helps in specifically targeting the fat cells below the skin then exposing them to temperatures that automatically triggers their death. The process is referred to as cryolipolysis that results in the freezing of the targeted fat cells. Since the fat cells crystallize much faster compared to normal cells, no damage is caused to the nerves, cells or the surrounding tissues. Over time as the crystallized fat cells shrink and die, the body metabolizes them naturally and eliminates the dead cells leaving the targeted areas more sculpted. Unlike with exercise or diet where reductions in the size of fat cells occur with cool sculpting the crystallized fat cells go for good.

With every session of cool sculpting procedure you undergo, you will lose about 20% of the targeted areas fat cells. With every consecutive procedure you get to improve the results by getting rid of an equal percentage of fat like in the first session. With cool sculpting sessions, you can sit back and get rid of stubborn body fat without much hassle.

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

After each session of cool sculpting, the targeted areas will gradually be more toned and smoother. Majority of the frozen cells naturally leave the body over the first two months but you are certain to see results within four weeks. The procedure is not only convenient but comfortable as well. Each cool sculpting session lasts only 60 minutes which is time you will not regret. Most people who have undergone the procedure say they experience a burst of cold air that is then followed by dull pressure. Some people work, sleep or read during their sessions. The cool sculpting technology is the only one of its kind that is cleared by the FDA; it is safe to the body but remains tough on stubborn body fat.


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